A 3D printer is capable of building amazing things. Incredible abilities of a 3D printer can tempt anyone to purchase one such magical device. However, one must know a few things about a 3D printer before buying one. There are a number of 3D printers available in the market presently. These printers have different specifications that subsequently cater to varying demands. Moreover, there are quite a few technicalities about 3D printing that should also be taken into account.

This article aims to present a useful list of a few important things that one must know before buying their first ever 3D printer:

i. Brands: Brands of 3D printers that present affordable and impressive products are CreateBot, da Vinci, up 3D printer, Flashforge, Makerbot, Buccaneer, and Ultimaker. Reputed dealers have most of these brands available in their stock. These are superior quantity 3D printers that offer endless printing possibilities. This link http://www.aussie3dprinters.com.au/3d-printer-products will give you more reviews regarding UP 3D printer.

ii. Types of 3D Printers: Before knowing the brand, i.e. before knowing whether you are buying an up 3D printer or a Makerbot 3D printer, it is important to know the type of 3D printer you should buy. Under the broad term “3D printing”, technologies needed for creating physical materials are covered. The most widely portrayed by the media and the most loved among enthusiasts is the FDM or the Fused Deposition Modelling.

Fused Deposition Modeling – This is an additive procedure in which a model gets created by extruding and heating plastic, pieced together layer after layer. Most 3D printers work on FDM since they are easily and widely available.

The other two types of available 3D printing are SLS or Selective Laser Sintering and Stereolithography. These types are considerably expensive in comparison to FDM.

SLS or Selective Laser Sintering – The process of printing involves powders and lasers. A laser, used for melting the powder, creates a layer of the printed object. This makes it possible for some models to print metal things, which is impossible in the other 2 procedures.

Stereolithography – Also using additive processes, stereolithography utilizes an ultra violet light beam for hardening a model from a photosensitive liquid pool, instead of extruding plastics. The printout produced by this process is of highly superior quality.

iii. Price: One of the principal factors that can send 3D printers to the mainstream is the market price of these products. Those starting their 3D printing journey should begin with the simpler and cheaper models. Higher the quality of output, more the price. Most professional 3D printers are also expensive.

One should also consider the safety issues before starting the use of 3D printers. It should be kept in mind that operating a 3D printer is working with heated plastics. Plastics, extruders, and in some cases, the print bed can become too heated, thus causing bad burns if the user is not careful.