Though the last few years witnessed the production of various consoles for the purpose of playing games, the personal computers remain as one of the most popular choice among gamers. More and more personal computer games are getting released and computers can still offer speed, power and excitement when playing games. The factors that make the computers the number one choice for playersare the all round performance given by them and the affordable price. The mobile systems like tablets have video cards and fast processors and this considerably hampers the performance of this device while playing games. However, there are many factors a gamer should consider while getting the computer for the playing needs.
Your type of games

In order to find the best gaming desktop, you need to consider what type of games is preferred by you. There are games which can be played as first person or which can be played in turns and there is strategy games played in real time. The requirement of shooter games is a computer with better graphic hardware and in the case of turn based games you require one with a faster CPU. For strategy games you need a computer which has good graphics as well as faster CPU.
The graphic display
Once you decide about the games you want to play you should consider the GPU of the system you are buying.
• Graphic Processing Unit decides the enjoyability of the game.
• If you are playing 3D gamesyou need double graphics power.
• It is better to opt for graphic cards which offer moderate power and are the latest in a generation.
• Buying pricy cards and not adjusting your settings for the game will not give the required result and you will be wasting your money.
CPU and memory
Though many modern high end gaming systems have six core processors, there is no need to have six or hexa core system to play games. If your sole purpose is gaming and if you are not using the systems for activities like video and photo editing, then you can go for gaming PC build with a lower CPU cost like quad-core processor and select the one with good graphics. Ensure that the system you are getting has better memory bandwidth and they are quiet while working and remains cool. Computers with liquid cooling are the best option. It is necessary that you select systems with at least 8GB of memory. There are systems which can support 16 GB of memory.
You can have a fixed budget for the system so that you can have an idea what types of components you should select.