So, what is the best gaming platform in the world? Oh, the number of people who will jump at the chance to answer this question. There are those who believe that it is the Xbox, and others who will stand for the PlayStation. A select few even try to defend the Nintendo Wii (although why they would do this is a mystery). However, the truth is that the real best way to game has been around a lot longer than these next-gen consoles. It is, of course, the PC. Sure, most people use their computers to work, to check their emails and so on, but PCs are still able to adapt to any conditions and support just about any game. The best part is that it is rarely able to cause you any real harm (coughs pointedly at the Wii Sports users out there).
The Keyboard and Mouse Reign SupremeThe best way to play a game, no matter what the haters may say, is to use a keyboard and a mouse. There are people out there who will argue that controllers are better, but companies like Alienware and other gaming giants stand behind the good old fashioned peripheral devices. Whether it is a first person shooter or any other type of game too, the combo of a keyboard and mouse is going to work better than just about anything else. One of the main perks is that it offers both speed and precision when moving around and even aiming.
Resolutions That Will Blow Your MindWhen a company as advanced as Alienware or even NVIDIA release a graphics card or a system that has resolutions capable of blowing consoles out of the water with no effort at all, you will realize that you have made the right choice. A mid-range PC gaming system in the current day can easily run a game at above 1080p HD resolution, whereas the Xbox One was the first next gen console in the Xbox line to support full HD resolutions.
One of the most awesome things about the gaming system is that you get to run the latest games without any trouble at all. Of course, there isn’t a point to getting the latest and the greatest if you can’t have every single setting on “Ultra”, right? To do this, you are going to need good hardware. This is one of the biggest perks of using a PC. You get to upgrade your hardware at will because a PC is a modular system. Each component can be removed and replaced with a newer, better component.