If you are one of those comic book fans that swoons over the comic convention events you see on TV and in movies and long to be a part of them but sadly your country doesn’t host them, you may not be alone. You may be surprised to find that there are hundreds of other comic book and gaming fans in your country or even your own town that feel the exact same way and long to be a part of a gaming event or a comic convention but do not have the money to travel overseas to be a part of one. Fortunately, hosting a comic convention isn’t as difficult as you might think. All you really need is a venue to host the event for gaming desktops and a few dozen interested participants.

Checklist for your event

First of all you will need to come with a budget for your event. You will not need to spend a big amount of money as your only real cost will be to hire the hall for the event. This money too, you will be able to cover up with ticket money from the people attending the event. You will need to get a few of your friends together as the event organizing committee to begin with. Then you will need to make a count of how many gaming computers you have among yourself as it would be a good idea to host a small gaming event along with your comic convention. Make a list of everything else you will need such as computers, laptops, speakers and screens. Most of these you are likely to have among yourselves whereas you will need to hire any things additional that you do not have.

Calculate an approximate cost of how much money you will need to pull the event off with equipment rental and venue hire and divide the amount amongst your expected number of participants. This will be your ticket value. The ticket value is not likely to be much but it would be advisable to up the price slightly to cover any miscellaneous costs you might incur. You may have two options, the first ticket option for those who are able to bring their own gaming computers along with them and the second ticket option for those who may want to hire a computer for the event.

Marketing for your event

You will need to open up a Facebook event and get confirmations for the number of attendees and then make bookings for gaming pc Perth computers and change the ticket cost according to the number of participants.