When most people consider Final Cut Pro X, they see it as a means to edit their video clips, commercials, or even short films. The majority of the features on this video editing software is directed to this type of functions, after all. There, however, is another way in which some of these elements can be used for pre-production as well. This can be done with the help of placeholder clips that can be found in the generator browser of Final Cut Pro X. You can also find free FCPX generators online as well. Using this mechanism you can create an entire story before you have even picked up a camera. Here is how you can use the placeholder function in FCPX tutorials free:

Using Placeholder Clips
It can often be difficult for creative directors or storyline creators to adequately describe their vision with just words. The other option is, of course, to draw or create the storyboard to provide others with a clearer view to the concept. Unless you happen to be an adequate artist, it can be difficult to properly describe your ideas with pictures. Attempting to explain this to an artist to get a physical rendering means that you are faced with your initial problem.
This is where placeholder clips available as a Final Cut Pro X generator feature comes in. This element and others found on final cut pro x tutorial free allow you to create a story using placeholder clips. Placeholder clips are typically used when a small portion of the video has not been shot yet. You can use figures, shapes, and backgrounds in place of the missing clip. This concept, however, can be extended.  Instead of adding placeholder clips to an existing video, you can create a storyline using the available features. You can create a background, place actors, and essentially describe your vision. This will help directors, actors, and other people to understand what they must do.

Creating a Storyboard
This tool can be accessed by visiting the edit options in Final Cut Pro X. The option will be tasked under ‘Insert Generator’. You can then choose the placeholder clip in the timeline. When using this feature, you should start with a blank timeline. You can then create the whole story from scratch. You can configure the shot using the options offered in the ‘Generator Inspector’. Once you have created the shot or scene that you want, you can simply add notes to give you as well as others better insight into what you have created. You will now be able to quickly and easily show people exactly how intend to have a video clip play out. This will allow you to create exactly what you want.