When purchasing a new laser printer there are several things to look out for while making the best decisions for your day to day printing needs. The all new range of Printers by FUJI are up to mark in their performance but one model that really held out of the market competition and which redefines the quality of the prints is the FUJI XEROX CM305DF the mesmerizing vivid details captured by this printer is of the highest standard supreme, whether you use your printer for documentation or high resolution picture printing these toners really do what they are supposed to do i.e. print out documents and images of the highest quality which have a long lasting print and also is free from smudges or any misprints as compared to the generally available toners in the market. Another thing that really captured our attention was that the sharpness of the letters and the images was of a sublime quality unmatched by the locally available toner cartridges by other manufacturers. On top of this, the fuji xerox cm305df toner is hands down very economical as compared to other OME toner cartridges in the market it not only costs a bit less than the industry average of this product but also helps in reducing the costs of printing due to the latest technological advancements in the toner manufacturing process by FUJI Corporation, it is reported to print out more pages as compared to the conventional toners generally available. This printer is capable of printing around 500 pages at a time without lacking in the necessary details in the printing documents. This printer has a special toner saver mode which enables it to reduce the amount of toner used in printing the documents or the images and hence increases the number of pages that are to be printed by a toner from 2000 to 2500 or even 3000 pages per toner cartridge depending upon the mode you opt for. This feature comes in very handy when you are short on toner supply and want to print as many documents as possible using the current toner backup. This along with a three year extended warranty if you purchase this product from a registered FUJI retailer is one of the reasons why this product has an edge over others. So if you have a workplace at home or a small or medium sized office this product is perfect in getting your needs fulfilled, capable of printing high end graphical images to sharp documents in bulk quanitity this is the thing for you. Capable of printing multicolor images the colors offered by this printer are so close to life that the printed images speak for themselves, overall if you don’t plan on running a printing press your all needs shall be fulfilled using the FUJI XEROX CM305DF. print-service