Many think that the two concepts of cloud and grid computing are similar but there are basic differences that exist. In both systems there are multi tasking capabilities with the ability to spread out the tasks to different systems. Cloud computing allows access to different computers to a virtual network. It is not dependent on location and not dependent on the computer from where the data originates. Grid computing, on the other hand, occurs in physical system clusters which are located in specific places. It is also known as call cluster computing. Every system varies as per security and costs. Cloud computing usually costs more as there are more security requirements here.

Common base

In both concepts, there are several systems that are interconnected. Cloud computing provides resources as and when required while grid computing depends on systems that are connected to a certain infrastructure. More resources are added to the grid system as required. In case of cloud computing resources are added by the companies who provide the service as per the demands of the clients or customers. It is a great way to avoid loss of data in case of efficient hard disk data recovery in Perth.

Affordability factors

Affordability is another factor when you are deciding between cloud and grid computing services. Cloud computing works over a network and data fees will also be counted. Network charges often increase when the resources required over cloud services increases. Many companies spend a lot of cloud computing to avoid data loss during hard disk data recovery. Grid computing, on the other hand does not incur such high costs.

Security factors

Cloud computing stores data as well as offer computing resources and applications over a network. In case there is an outage that can prevent a company from accessing its data if it is completely on the cloud. Grid computing being a local solution, there is no dependence on data connectivity over internet. As a result, local networks can provide access easily and allow companies to provide secure platform for all users to store, edit data and use different applications.

Backup factors

When one selects a cloud service they need to ensure that business data is backed up by the cloud service provider regularly. This might not be the case with all types of cloud services. Grid computing, on the other hand, offers data backup on a server and within local networks. This is usually done regularly and taken care of by the local system administrator. Hence, backup data activities are ensured and more in control in grid computing than by cloud computing services. However, the cloud offers ease of access of data and applications from anywhere which is a major advantage for many companies and individual clients.